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Monthly Contests

Wichita Falls Poetry Society

An optional monthly contest is conducted at each meeting based on the program that is presented. With each meeting occurring on the third Saturday of each month (excluding June, July and August), contest entries are due to the Society Treasurer by midnight on the last day of that month. The results are presented at the end of the next month's meetings. The contests are judged by PST members of other clubs and alternate month to month. Contest winners are published in the Times Record News. Previous winners are provided below.

May 2023 (Sculpture Garden Ekphrastic) 

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Cloud Totem Pole"

2nd: Linda Smith - "Foxy"

3rd: Marjorie Parker - "Sentinel"

April 2023 (General Contest) 

1st: Marjorie Parker - "Learner's Permit"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "God Told Me Not To"

3rd: Linda Smith - "At a Corner"

March 2023 (General Contest) 

1st: Sheri Sutton - "Holy Moment"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "Echoes"

3rd: Lynn Hoggard - "Taproot Tounge"

February 2023 (Poetry about a legendary figure) 

1st: Nicholas Schreiber - "A Fire Burning"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "For Don Edwards"

3rd: Geneva Rodgers - "Unpacking Albums"

January 2023 (Poetry about a legendary figure) 

1st: Linda Smith - "Virgil Takes A Stand"

2nd: Sally Perkins - "Gabby Giffords: We. Must. Do. Something."

3rd: Robert Parkey - "Mankins, Texas - 1884"

November 2022 (Poetry Celebrating Women) 

1st: Nicholas Schreiber - "You Taught Me This"

2nd: Linda Smith - "A War Worth Fighting"

3rd: Rosellen Sheetz - "My Mother's Hands"

October 2022 (Mystery Art / Ekphrastic Poetry) 

1st: Sally Perkins - "Lucifer's Metamorphosis"

2nd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Eyes of Innocence"

3rd: Robert Parkey - "Prairie Light Show"

October 2022 (Dancy Poetry) 

1st: Sheri Sutton - "Shadow Dance"

2nd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Dance Addiction"

3rd: Lynn Hoggard - "Song for a Sad Veteran"

September 2022 (Ghazal) 

1st: Daryl Halencak - "And the Loving River is Dry Today"

2nd: Linda Smith - "Turmoil"

3rd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Time"

May 2022 (Breakneck Poetry) 

1st: Rosellen Sheetz - "The Unexpected Descent"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "Love Rocks"

3rd: Sheri Sutton - "Genuine Love"

April 2022 (Reflection on Songwriting) 

1st: Linda Smith - "What's Music"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "Cowboy Songs"

3rd: Lynn Hoggard - "He Whispered I Love You"

March 2022 (General Contest w/ Critiques) 

1st: Sally Perkins - "The Blank Page"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "Musings on Mortality"

3rd: Lynn Hoggard - Beyond my Ken"

February 2022 (Postcard Poetry) 

1st: Nick Schreiber - "Feet in Water"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "Alpine, Texas"

3rd: Lynn Hoggard - "Chihuahua, Mexico"

January 2022 (Metaphor) 

1st: Linda Smith - "Age-Old Battle"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - Leftovers"

3rd: Robert Parkey - "Leaves"

November 2021 (General Contest) 

1st: Sally Perkins - "Lady of the Scarves"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "1957 Royal Aristocrat Manual"

3rd: Mark Sutton - "True Magic"

October 2021 (Children's Poetry)

1st: Marcela Medellin

2nd: Lynn Hoggard

3rd: Ysabel de la Rosa

September 2021 (Poems inspired by T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Limerick"

2nd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Berkana"

3rd: Linda Smith - "The Great Mole Hunt"

May 2021 (General Contest)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Limerick"

2nd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Berkana"

3rd: Linda Smith - "The Great Mole Hunt"

May 2021 (General Contest)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Parting at Dawn, A Love Song"

2nd: Sally Perkins - "A Hyacinth Remembers"

3rd: Linda Smith - "Prayer Answered"

April 2021 (General Contest)

1st: Ysabel de la Rosa - "Locked inside a Koan"

2nd: Linda Smith - "Waiting for Springtime"

3rd: Sheri Sutton - "Beyond Space and Time"

March 2021 (Love Poems)

1st: Sheri Sutton- "Love's Power"

2nd: Nick Schreiber - "The Offer"

3rd: Mark Sutton - "Butterflies and Fireflies"

February 2021 (Response to Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself")

1st: Robert Parkey - "To Walt"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "Homecoming"

3rd: Nick Schreiber - "Those Days Before Harvest"

January 2021 (Why Poetry?)

1st: Robert Parkey - "a few lines"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "Why Poetry?"

3rd: Marcela Medellin - Untitled

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