Monthly Contests

Wichita Falls Poetry Society

An optional monthly contest is conducted at each meeting based on the program that is presented. With each meeting occurring on the third Saturday of each month (excluding June, July and August), contest entries are due to the Society Treasurer by midnight on the last day of that month. The results are presented at the end of the next month's meetings. The contests are judged by PST members of other clubs and alternate month to month. Contest winners are published in the Times Record News. Previous winners are provided below.


September 2021 (Poems inspired by T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Limerick"

2nd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Berkana"

3rd: Linda Smith - "The Great Mole Hunt"

1 HM: Robert Parkey - "Ode to the Bow Tie"

2 HM: Ysabell de la Rosa - "Ode to My Group Therapist"

3 HM: Mark Sutton - "Like None Other"

May 2021 (General Contest)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Limerick"

2nd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Berkana"

3rd: Linda Smith - "The Great Mole Hunt"

1 HM: Robert Parkey - "Ode to the Bow Tie"

2 HM: Ysabell de la Rosa - "Ode to my Group Therapist"

3 HM: Mark Sutton - "Like None Other"

May 2021 (General Contest)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Parting at Dawn, A Love Song"

2nd: Sally Perkins - "A Hyacinth Remembers"

3rd: Linda Smith - "Prayer Answered"

1 HM: Doyle Wood - "Equid"

2 HM: Marcela Madellin - "The Pitcher"

3 HM: Mark Sutton - "On Loan"

April 2021 (General Contest)

1st: Ysabel de la Rosa - "Locked inside a Koan"

2nd: Linda Smith - "Waiting for Springtime"

3rd: Sheri Sutton - "Beyond Space and Time"

1 HM: Nick Schreiber - "Matrimonial Battlefield"

2 HM: Robert Parkey - "a good man is - be one..."

3 HM: Lynn Hoggard - "Liminal Prelude"

March 2021 (Love Poems)

1st: Sheri Sutton- "Love's Power"

2nd: Nick Schreiber - "The Offer"

3rd: Mark Sutton - "Butterflies and Fireflies"

1 HM: Daryl Halencak - "Last Kiss in Our Sacred Place"

2 HM: Doyle Wood - "A Vernal Affair"

3 HM: Lynn Hoggard - "Love at the Limit"

February 2021 (Response to Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself")

1st: Robert Parkey - "To Walt"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "Homecoming"

3rd: Nick Schreiber - "Those Days Before Harvest"

1 HM: Daryl Halencak - "1619 Jamestown"

2 HM: Linda Smith - "Convention and Courage"

January 2021 (Why Poetry?)

1st: Robert Parkey - "a few lines"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "Why Poetry?"

3rd: Marcela Trice - Untitled

1 HM: Rosellen Sheetz - "Why Poetry?"

2 HM: Linda Smith - "Inspiration"

3 HM: Sheri Sutton - "The Voice of Poetry"

Mystery Art Competition 2020

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "How to Enter a Painting"

2nd: Nick Schreiber - "Depth in a Moment"

3rd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Imagine"

1 HM: Robert Parkey - "The Remnants"

2 HM: Mark Sutton - "Evening Shadows"

3 HM: Marcela Trice - Untitled

November 2020 (General Contest)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Driving on Empty"

2nd: Sheri Sutton - "A New World"

3rd: Linda Smith - "Amor Amnia Vincit"

1 HM: Mark Sutton - "In My Care"

2 HM: Daryl Halencak - "Septic Tears"

3 HM: Rosellen Sheetz - "Today"

October 2020 (Kerf)

1st: Rosellen Sheetz - "A Curious Tale"

2nd: Linda Smith - "Summertime Remembered"

3rd: Robert Parkey  - "going it alone"

1 HM: Nick Schreiber - "One of Many"

2 HM: Mark Sutton - "Time to Spend"

3 HM: Sheri Sutton - "Beyond Space and Time"

September 2020 (Lyric Poetry)

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "Fusing"

2nd: Nick Schreiber - "Walk With Me"

3rd: Roberta Sund - "Folding Your Boxer Shorts"

1 HM: Mark Sutton - "Nevermore"

2 HM: Sheri Sutton - "Song of the Mockingbird"

3 HM: Geneva Rodgers - "Asante, Adagio, Crescendo!"

May 2020 (Pros Poetry - COVID Related)

1st: Geneva Rodgers - "At War"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "Et Tu Medicus?"

3rd: Linda Smith - "Don't Pandemic, Be Calm"

1 HM: Sheri Sutton - "The Loss of Community"

2 HM: Mark Sutton - "Uncertain Times"

3 HM: Roberta Sund - "Encapsulated"

April 2020 (Critiqued Poems - General Contest)

1st: Linda Smith - "A Delightful Dilemma"

2nd: Mark Sutton - "Where Does the Music Go?"

3rd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Fabric of Time"

1 HM: Nick Schreiber - "The Book"

2 HM: Geneva Rodgers - "Rhythm Rocks Grief Away"

3 HM: Roberta Sund - "Refugees"

March 2020 (Senryu)

1st: Mark Sutton

2nd: Geneva Rodgers

3rd: Linda Smith

1 HM: Nick Schreiber

2 HM: Sheri Sutton

3 HM: Dr. Robert Parkey

Arts Alive! Home & garden Show - "Spring Dreams"

1st: Doyle Wood - "A Springtime Sonnet for Our Show"

2nd: Robert Parkey - "A Dream of Spring"

3rd: Geneva Rodgers - "Surprising Me"

1 HM: Lynn Hoggard - "My Garden, My Ego?"

2 HM: Sheri Sutton - "I Dream of Spring"

3 HM: Rosellen Sheetz - "Haiku"

February 2020 (Narrative Poetry - Human Suffering)

1st: Sheri Sutton - "March 5, 1998"

2nd: Mark Sutton - "Who Was This Man"

3rd: Roberta Sund - "Godsend"

1 HM: Lynn Hoggard - "Parkinson's, Year Five"

2 HM: Nick Schreiber - "The Love They Shared"

3 HM: Geneva Rodgers - "Bingo Day"

January 2020 (Ercil)

1st: Geneva Rodgers - "Winter Scavengers"

2nd: Linda Smith - "Full Circle"

3rd: Rosellen Sheetz - "Fabric in Time"

1 HM: Lynn Hoggard - "Active Shooter"

2 HM: Cynthia Archibald - "Starry Night"

3 HM: Sheri Sutton - "A New Year"

Kemp Center Mystery Art Collaboration

1st: Lynn Hoggard - "The Crane"

2nd: Dr. Robert Parkey - "Suddenly"

3rd: Marcela Trice - "The Blossoming"

1 HM: Daryl Halencak - "Trail Beyond Ground Zero"

2 HM: Rosellen Sheetz - "Turning of Time"

3 HM: Roberta Sund - "Salt"

November 2019 (General contest in meter)

1st: Lynn Hoggard -“How to Terrify Your Mother”

2nd: Cynthia Archibald -“Marching Syllables”

3rd: Linda Smith -“Lucy's Regrettable, Unforgettable Day”

1 HM: Mark Sutton -“Where Does the Music Go?”

2 HM: Dr. Robert Parkey -“a political mostly angry iambic-ish pentameter”

3 HM: Nick Schreiber -“Tired Eyes”

October 2019 (General contest)

1st: Roberta Sund  -"Frustration"

2nd: Nick Schreiber - "Saturday Afternoon Downtown"

3rd: Linda Smith - "Precious Meanwhiles"

1 HM: Sheri Sutton - "Heat Wave"

2 HM: Mark Sutton - "Only Memories Last"


September 2019 (Ballad)

1st: Sheri Sutton - "Take Flight"

2nd: Lynn Hoggard - "A Song of the Swamp"

3rd: Mark Sutton - "Fateful Choice"

1 HM: Roberta Sund - "The Ballad of Ray and His Sperm Donor Dad"

May 2019 #2 (Sculpture Garden Ekphrastic)

1st:  Mark Sutton - "Big Crow"

2nd: Roberta Sund -"Stub-Tail and Roadrunner, Alias Chaparral"

3rd: Daryl Halencak - "Dying Gaul"

1 HM: Nick Schreiber - "Spring Dancer"

2 HM: Geneva Rodgers - "In Line for Hope"

3 HM: Cynthia Archibald - "Out of Brokenness, Beauty"

May 2019 (Humorous / Seasonal)

1st:  Robert Parkey – “Orcs in the Garden of Spring”

2nd:  Mark Sutton – “Going Fast – Big Bend Adventure”

3rd:  Cynthia Archibald – “Seasonal Dilemma”

1 HM:  Geneva Rodgers – “Grasshopper Attack”

2 HM:  Sheri Sutton – “Mama Bird”

3 HM:  Lynn Hoggard – “Turnings”

April 2019 (General Contests from Critiques Program)

1st:  Linda Smith – “Swan Song”

2nd:  Mark Sutton – “Deep Underground”

3rd:  Rosellen Sheetz – “Wait a Minute”

1 HM:  Lynn Hoggard – “Failed Promise”

2 HM:  Nick Schreiber – “Student of Experience”

3 HM:  Geneva Rodgers – “Prelude to a Poem”

March 2019 (General Contest)

1st:  Roberta Sund – “Old Age”

2nd:  Daryl Halencak – “Angry Voice”

3rd:  Lynn Hoggard – “The End of the Parade”

1 HM:  Sheri Sutton – “Writer’s Choice”

2 HM:  Nick Schreiber – “Last Night” 

3 HM:  Rosellen Sheetz – “Tree Ascend”

February 2019 (Petrarchan Sonnet) 

1st:  Sheri Sutton – “Lovely Figurine”

2nd:  Mark Sutton – “Please Come Back Around”

3rd:  Geneva Rodgers – “Rhythm Rocks Grief Away”

1 HM :  Rosellen Sheetz – “Hopes Journey”

2 HM:  Lynn Hoggard – “What Cannot be Replaced”

3 HM:  Robert Parkey – “Sympathy”


Mystery Art Contest 2018 (Ekphrastic Trimeric)

1st:  Webb Key - “Gypsy Dance”

2nd:  Cynthia Archibald - “Grandpa’s Lucky Crankbait”

3rd:  Nick Schreiber - “Tracking”

1 HM:  Lynn Hoggard - “Nailed Shut”

2 HM:  Linda Smith - “Low Tide”

3 HM:  Sheri Sutton - “A Subtle Invitation”

January 2018 (Psalms - Book of Genesis)

1st:  Rosellen Sheetz – “Psalm inspired”

2nd:  Sheri Sutton – “Genesis”

3rd:  Mark Sutton – “Genesis of Choice”

1 HM:  Paulette Bowden – “I Have a Future”

2 HM:  Linda Smith – “Psalm MMXIX”

November 2018 (Mystical Poetry)

1st: Rosellen Sheetz - “Soul Guardian”

2nd: Linda Smith - “Sanctuary”

3rd: Sheri Sutton - “Holy Moment”

1 HM: Lynn Hoggard - “And the Soul of Things”

2 HM: Geneva Rodgers - “I am here; I am not here”

3 HM: Cynthia Archibald - “Holy Covenant”

4 HM: Daryl Halencak - “Magnolia’s Meaning”

October 2018 (Bookspine Poetry)

1st: "Under the Full Moon" - Cynthia Archibald

2nd: "The Healing Path" - Sheri Sutton

3rd: "In Danger's Path" - Monica McCawley

1 HM: "Book Spine Poem" - Dr. Lynn Hoggard

2 HM: "A Thing of Beauty" - Nick Schreiber

3 HM: "Into the Wild" - Marcela Trice

September 2018 (Nature Poetry)

1st: "The Dandelion" - Cynthia Archibald

2nd: "I Have to Brag on the Pelicans" - Roberta Sund

3rd: "Bristlecone Pine" - Dr. Lynn Hoggard

1 HM: "Serengeti Search" - Geneva Rodgers

2 HM: "Dark Afternoon" - Linda Smith

3 HM: "Nature Never Listens" - Nick Schreiber

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